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LEVI's ® X NAOMI OSAKA Special Series, Fostering Eco-friendly Denim Aesthetics

Naomi Osaka, winner of four women's singles Grand Slam events, became famous because of dominant performances for her amazing service 125/mph in U.S. Open and Australian Open, which is equal to the explosive power of hurricane. As a rising tennis idol, she is a unique girl, freedom of dress and expression and fond of fashion design. Levi's ®, together with Naomi Osaka, launches Levi's ® x Naomi Osaka Special Series to create eco-friendly Denim in autumn 2021, and convey the charm and aesthetics of Denim from a new perspective.
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ISKO and Soorty to launch a new collaboration

The two global denim powerhouses join forces to transform and introduce new ways of working and doing business in the industry.
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Sustainable fashion: UNIDO and Nudie Jeans to recycle second-quality jeans in Tunisia

Second-quality jeans are those that don’t quite meet quality standards – the wash may be too dark, the stitching may not be quite right or the cut may be irregular. Usually they are sold for discount prices or just thrown away.
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Lenzing Group launched the TencelTM modal fiber with the adoption of Indigo Color technology, which will enhance the sustainability of the denim industry. This new product enjoys higher color fastness and less resource consumption with its groundbreaking Indigo Color technology. With the certification of Euro Eco label, it is environment-friendly and sustainable.
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REPLAY headquarters in Treviso, Italy, which is noted for its creativity worldwide. With its honored brand existing for nearly 40 years, REPLAY represents the highest standard in Denim field.
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During the pandemic, what are the antiviral and antibacterial fabric innovations of textile brands?

Under the global pandemic, many textile brands have made innovative measures in raw materials, fabrics and technologies. Italy's Albini and Marzotto Group, Japan's PIECLEX, and Italian high-end denim brand Diesel have all applied technology to make their fabrics resistant to viruses.
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Apparel with Wearable Technology can give the wearer "hugs" and "touches"

If you want a hug from your loved ones when you are in a long-distance relationship or in the time of social distancing, those apparel with wearable technology can help!
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Mapping Sustainable Fashion & Textile - The Denim Chapter

The conventional production of denim jeans has caused potent environmental pollution. As the concept of sustainability has become more and more popular in recent years, brands and manufacturers start to go green. The symposium focused on new tech and dimensions for the sustainable development of denim, bridging textile, fashion and technologies for better future.