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Outlast Fabric for Innerwear Application Now Available in China

Guangdong Star Super Textile Technology Co., Ltd, China, together with Thai Acrylic Fibre Co., Ltd (TAF) has launched a new fabric made from acrylic fibre with Outlast technology blended with lyocell, wool, and spandex to give superior performance for innerwear.
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Ganga Acrowools Launches Soft n Strong Yarns with Pilbloc™

Ganga Acrowools Limited has launched its Soft n Strong yarn range for knitters and crotchetiers, made with Pilbloc™ fibre. The range is launched under Ganga’s Knitting® Happiness theme. Pilbloc™ is the flagship anti-pilling fibre brand of Thai Acrylic Fibre Co. (TAF), Aditya Birla Group, that has excellent pilling resistance and super soft hand-feel. Soft n Strong yarns are available in a wide range of classic shades.
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TAF launches digital traceability for Radianza™ fibre

Thai Acrylic Fibre Co. Ltd. (TAF) – a part of Aditya Birla Group – has launched a digital traceability platform to trace its flagship fibre brand – Radianza™. This digital platform backed by Blockchain technology will ensure complete transparency and traceability for brands, retailers and consumers of Radianza™ fibre in the finished garment. The platform has been developed by Canada based company – Licof Inc.
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Radianza™ MSI Scores published on Higgs Portal

The Material Sustainability Scores (MSI) for Radianza™ have been published on Higg Portal. With this Radianza™ has become the first and only brand in “Acrylic” category to be on Higg Portal. The MSI Scores for Radianza™ were received from Higg Co., in May this year after evaluation of the life cycle assessment of Radianza™. Radianza™ is the flagship brand of gel-dyed acrylic fibre from Thai Acrylic Fibre Co. Ltd. (Aditya Birla Group).
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Thai Acrylic Fibre Launches Fabricology Mobile App

Thai Acrylic Fibre Co., Ltd. (TAF) – one of the largest manufacturers of acrylic fibres and ranked among the top five acrylic fibre producers globally – has launched a new mobile app called “Fabricology”.