Flat knitting underpins new Myant healthcare platform

MyantHealth is a digital platform for remote cardiovascular monitoring made possible by the firm’s Skiin range of fabric-embedded sensing solutions.

Smart textiles manufacturer Myant, which offers a high-tech partnership with German flat knitting machine builder Stoll, has officially launched MyantHealth, a digital platform for remote cardiovascular monitoring made possible by the firm’s Skiin range of fabric-embedded sensing solutions.


For a number of years, the Canadian firm has developed the Skiin technology. It embeds sensors within a series of garments to assess the biometric data of the wearer whilst they’re on the move and will now be available to consumers at an introductory price of CA$275.


Myant says users will benefit from medical grade continuous sensing wearables which will log data relating to issues such as chest pain, Atrial Fibrillation and other arrhythmias.


If any anomalies or inconsistencies are identified, healthcare practitioners can alert a user to an issue, at which point they may be required to visit a doctor’s practice or hospital.


“We are making our health platform and Skiin available to all to help address the immediate issue of accessibility and the long wait lists patients experience to see specialists, in a virtual and informed manner," said commented Tony Chahine, CEO of Myant.


“At the same time, our unique technology and health platform are positioned to overcome the challenges of location, availability and access to informative data thereby eliminating the barriers standing in the way of high-quality care and outcomes.”


Myant says its solution will help improve accessibility to quality healthcare whilst reducing the burden on professionals. What’s more, the company says it empowers consumers to manage their own health, combatting anxieties relating to now knowing a loved one’s status.


Myant and Stoll created their initial partnership back in 2017 and in 2018, launched their joint venture, the Digital Textile Factory, a collaboration that is working to help commercialize the smart textile industry.


The Digital Textile Factory, which houses banks of the latest Stoll flat knitting machines is providing the foundations for the mass application and adoption of Textile Computing, the industry category which the companies say merges advancements in engineering and material science, to provide "textile-based solutions for companies wanting to innovate and connect textiles to the world of IoT".


Both parties bring their particular skills to the venture, which delivers solutions for partners and customers on a global scale through an accessible virtual network.


Stoll brings its 140-plus years of producing 3D knitting machinery and software, transferring textile knowledge, and established ‘Knitelligence,’ or knitting innovation, while Myant contributes its proprietary technology related to biometric sensing and actuation via textiles. Founded by Tony Chahine in 2010, Myant operates an 80,000 sq. ft. facility in Toronto Canada; an end-to-end textile supply chain with a state-of-the-art knitting division, a printed electronic lab and a traditional cut-and-sew operation. It also has a business division in the United States to support the growth of its American partnerships.


Source: Knitting Trade Journal