ASICS 3D Printed Sandals Coming Soon

3D printing allows more flexibility.

Sportswear manufacturer ASICS have teamed up with LuxCreo to manufacture 3D printed. ASICS wants to give the shoe the Industry 4.0 makeover, they have done so with the assistance of LuxCreo and their design software LuxGen.


 “With LuxCreo’s 3D printing and Smart Factory solutions, mass customization of high-performance footwear will come true in the near future,” said Norihiko Taniguchi, General Manager of Future creation department, ASICS Corporation.


The customization begins at the ASICS Future Experience Lab where customers have their feet scanned. The scan is then matched to the arch height and shoe size of the wearer, and then run through the generative design software, which generates the lattice structure in the sole. The data are then sent to the LuxCreo Smart Factory to produce shoes in any quantity from small personal orders to large runs. The Smart Factory is equipped with a variety of printers from resin printers to thermoplastic printers, and can produce sandals to any production scale or level of customization.


 “With LuxCreo Smart Factories and cloud-connected 3D printers, our customers around the world have greater flexibility in product designs, where they manufacture, and can more easily and rapidly move from prototyping and small batch production to high volume manufacturing,” said Michael Strohecker, chief revenue officer at LuxCreo.