Virus-resistant All-metal Copper Coat

Copper is an element that has been proved to kill bacterial particles such as influenza A virus and Escherichia coli. But, does a jacket made of metal copper have the function of resisting the virus?

This kind of all-metal jacket, the latest innovative clothing introduced by the Vollebak, represents the new trend of future clothing. 65% of the material of this lightweight jacket is made of extremely tiny copper fibers, which stretch for 11 kilometers if they are arranged in a straight line. Steve Tidbauer, co-founder of Vollebak, hopes it can provide us with design inspiration and better protection for human beings in the future. 

According to the Daily Star in British, this kind of clothing is called "all-metal" jacket, which will kill bacteria and viruses such as novel coronavirus.


However, since its copper-made fabric and excellent protective function, it enjoys a not cheap price -the jacket costs 895 pounds (about 8,000 yuan).


The manufacturer claims that the magic of this disease-proof jacket is that copper can kill bacteria and any virus with contact as a "biostatic" metal.



The company added that copper wire accounts for 65% of the material in "disease-proof" jacket.


Steve Tidbauer said: “We have entered a new era of disease. Global warming, fires and floods are sweeping across the country while we are simply not ready to deal with this change.”


“With the changing of the environment, our survival system needs to change - from emergency plans and infrastructure to our buildings and clothing. Therefore, we are redoubling our efforts to design clothing for the needs of the next century. We start to use copper now for the reason that disease resistance will be a requirement for future clothing."


Copper releases charged ions, which make it difficult for microorganisms to oxidize, and then kills them by entering into them.


These characteristics have been proved by many studies and given attention in the preliminary anti-novel coronavirus experiments of this year.


Studies from the United States and Greece show that copper may cause the killing of 70% bacteria and reduction of bacteria on non-copper surfaces within 50 centimeters of it as its halo effect appears.


Mr. Tidbauer added: "When the novel coronavirus broke out, we began to explore a new challenge - the role of clothing on the prevention of diseases in rugged environments.


Changing a metal into a wearable, high-performance fabric is a highly complicated process.




This jacket has three layers, and the first layer is made of painted copper wire. Due to its complete transparent paint with a protective effect, the color of copper can be seen on each one. The surface material is formed by compressing an advanced waterproof and breathable layer named c_change.


The c_change layer can maintain the permanent function of waterproof and windproof as it stretches or contracts with the changing of different weathers.


The combination of metal fabric and advanced waterproof and breathable film, coupled with wear-resistant polyamide backing, makes this jacket wear like other high-end jackets.


It also looks cool. As time passes, this kind of fabric will appear creases like denim and reveal the original copper color with its fading.


Source: Beijing Daily Client, Netease, ybirds, etc.