Can yarn conduct electricity? How much do you know about conductive yarn?

Conductive yarn is spun into with a percentage of stainless steel fiber or other conductive fiber and ordinary fiber.
What is conductive fiber yarn?


Conductive yarn is spun into with a percentage of stainless steel fiber or other conductive fiber and ordinary fiber. Conductive yarn enables the static electricity accumulated on the body and it has been used for anti-static coverall for many years. Conductive yarns made of different materials have various performances.

Their greatest advantage is being stainable, of high strength (can be used alone) and highly cost effective. They are applied widely in many fields, including: semi-conductor, petrochemical engineering, electronics, medicine, life sciences and biotechnology, etc. They are also used in daily articles, such as sportswear, casual clothes, lining of high-grade suit, baby product, pregnant women supplies, underwear and pajamas.



The materials used for conductive yarn mainly include the following ones


Long stainless steel wires

The steel wire rod or line billet is drawn with the cluster drawing method under the action of drawing force, to produce steel wires of small section or nonferrous wires by metal plastic working, and the surface is bright and clean.


Silver fiber

It is made of by adopting the chemical silver plating technology to form a silver clad layer on the nylon fiber. Silver has good electrical conductivity which is several times and even hundreds of times of that of the general conductive metals, with electrical conductivity against radiation as the basic principle.


▲Copper fiber

It is made of by depositing vulcanized copper particles composite on nylon yarn. It has a good electrical conductivity with the resistance of 101-103 power. The product features antibacterial, deodorant and far infrared function due to the characteristics of copper.



Military applications of conductive yarn

At the beginning, conductive yarn was mainly used in the weapon high-precision machining and nuclear radiation protection, etc. After the end of the cold war, conductive yarn was gradually turned to civil applications, but it is still indispensable for the military equipment. For example, the 2012 novel intelligent clothing of British Military is directly woven with conductive yarn, in order to replace the heavy batteries carried in the past.



Civil applications of conductive yarn

Touch screen gloves

In the recent years, as the popularization of capacitive touch screen electronic products, like iPhone, iPad and Android, the industry of touch screen gloves also rises. The capacitive touch screen is made of by plating a layer of special metal conductive material on the glass surface. When the fingers touch the metal layer, the contact capacitance will change, enabling the frequency of the oscillator connected with the metal layer to change, and the touch location can be confirmed and the information can be obtained by measuring the frequency change.

Conductive yarn is the most important material to produce the touch screen gloves. TOUCHER Thunderon conductive yarn has a great vogue in the field of touch screen gloves due to its effect of electricity removal, deodorization, thermal storage, electromagnetic wave absorption and intelligent heating.

Sensitive touch and slide. It is applicable for all the touch-screen electronic products on the market.


Heating knitted garments

As the conductive yarn technology is more and more mature, the conductive yarn has been popular in the civil clothing industry. In 2012, electronic heating knitted garments were produced with the once-formed knitting technology by combining with the conductive yarn, the fabric resistance was calculated with the analysis formula under the structure and density of special knitting fabrics, and then the fabrics can be set to heat at different temperatures, and this can be set at different locations and areas.

Source: Internet, chemical fiber headlines. Edited and arranged by Dr. Cloth of Se Shang Fang