Fashion retailer ZOZO launched a new body measurement suit

When compared with a 3D laser scanner, the suit only has an average error of 3.7mm!

Japanese online fashion retailer ZOZO Inc. recently launched its latest measurement technology, ZOZOSUIT 2, a 3D body measurement suit that can capture extremely precise 3D body scans.

ZOZOSUIT 2 is a highly accurate 3D body measurement suit that can generate precise 3D body models with a simple and intuitive scanning process, thanks to a new suit design and algorithm improvements.When compared with a 3D laser scanner, the suit has an average error of 3.7mm.

3 technical enhancements

1.50x Better Resolution

ZOZOSUIT 2's significant improvement in resolution is powered by a 50-times more markers, which enables a smartphone camera to capture detailed information of the body, including the body curvature.

2.Enhanced Fiducial Recognition

The previous ZOZOSUIT is composed of 2mm fiducial markers, whereas ZOZOSUIT 2 is composed of 6mm fiducial markers. The latter are better recognized by smartphone cameras, enabling higher resolution scans.

3.Increased Fitting Accuracy

Silhouette fitting, advanced body movement and pose detection support a more seamless scanning experience and produce a significantly more detailed 3D model.

ZOZOSUIT 2 also supports fit recommendations for size-sensitive athletic and intimate apparel, as well as routine and precise body shape tracking for fitness and preventive medicine and healthcare.

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