This wireless smart suit can monitor real-time physiological data during physical activities

Athletes always try to push their limits and improve their performance. A wireless and lightweight device which can provide real-time monitoring on their physiological data can be useful.

A team of researchers from the National University of Singapore (NUS) has developed a smartphone-powered suit capable of real-time monitoring athletes’ physiological data such as their posture, running gait and body temperature while they are out on the field.

The smart suit is made up of web-like circuitry with the inductive patterns acting as hubs at strategic locations. Custom-made sensors placed at those hubs can transmit data back to the smartphone and are powered by the smartphone's NFC chip, removing the need for batteries. This reduces a significant amount of weight while enabling the collection of data from multiple areas on the body.

The current prototype can support up to six sensors per smartphone while collecting information such as spinal posture, running gait and body temperature simultaneously. Among these functions, the ability to measure spinal position across multiple nodes is most significant as spinal posture is an integral part of developing a solid athletic stance. Good athletic stance can help reduce the risk of injury and optimize performance.

Other potential applications would include clinical diagnosis of spinal disorder and health monitoring. The application can alert the user if any potential danger occurs during physical activity, or allow doctors to access the data for further consultation.

Asst Prof John Ho, who is also from the NUS Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering mentioned, "the smartphone acts as both the source of power as well as the display to view the sensor data. The creation of a smart suit that can be powered using built-in smartphone wireless technology is a major breakthrough."

Source: Tech Xplore, cnBeta