R|Elan GreenGold Ecocean – A Sustainable fabric that cares for our Oceans

Growing crisis of ocean pollution and efforts to tackle this from Reliance Industries Limited.

Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL), India’s largest private sector company, is spearheading the adoption of circular economy concepts. As a part of its strategy to enhance sustainability, Reliance, has built substantial capacities in recycling post-consumer PET bottles into high quality branded polyester – R|Elan GreenGold. Reliance, the pioneer in India in making fibers out of post-consumer used PET bottles, recycles over 2 billion PET bottles every year and is committed to increase the recycling capacity year on year.

While commenting on certification award to RIL, Ms Marjorie Platero, Control Union said “We at Control Union believe in assisting textile brands meet their standard requirements with respect to sustainable products. With growing public awareness amongst consumers, the demand for fashion made from certified sustainable content has also increased. Control Union Certifications declares to have audited Reliance Industries Limited, Barabanki unit and its products which are in certified in accordance to the requirements of Recycling Organization Standard as referred in their scope certificate”.

Ocean Bound Plastic is abandoned plastic waste located within the range of 50km from the shore in communities or areas where waste management is non-existent or very inefficient. This is important, since the probability of plastic waste reaching oceans increases with the proximity of rivers or shores. To make R|Elan GreenGold Ecocean fabric, 100% used PET bottles are rescued before they reach and pollute the oceans. These are cleaned, crushed and converted into flakes. The flakes are then washed and converted into high quality fibers, yarns, and fabrics. The making of R|Elan GreenGold Ecocean fabric helps in diverting and recycling waste. This not only helps in keeping the water bodies cleaner but also keeps the marine life safer.

Many leading global brands have started preferring PET collected from beaches and shores that would otherwise end up in oceans, rivers, or lakes and have started using these to manufacture apparels and footwear from Ocean Bound plastics. Consumers are increasingly becoming more aware and sensitive to using eco-friendly products including in their apparels and accessories. These factors are making R|Elan GreenGold Ecocean as one of the most sought-after fabric among leading brands, retailers, fashion designers and style enthusiasts. Reliance has developed a wide range of GreenGold product portfolio that includes possibilities to combine sustainability with various functional benefits like moisture management (R|Elan Kooltex), thermal management (R|Elan AirTherm), all weather comfort (R|Elan AllClima) and fibres that bio-mimic bio-degradation process (R|Elan EcoGold with CiClO).


Source: Textile Focus