How Levi’s is using AI to change its jeans business

How would a well-known clothing company leverage AI and data analytics?

Dr Katia Walsh is the chief strategy and artificial intelligence officer at Levi Strauss & Co, she said artificial intelligence is embedded in three key areas within Levi Strauss & Co: customer experience, commerce and product creation.


Automating commerce

From a customer experience point of view, this tech helps the company personalise your shopping experience based on previous browsing history. Another feature "visual search", which has just rolled out in the US and is expected to come to Europe in the coming months. “You can upload a photo of something you like, it could be from a television show that you’ve seen, it could be something that you drew because you want it, and we will actually match that to show you what we have that’s closest to that,” said Walsh.

AI-powered design

Walsh said AI-powered design now factors into the company’s clothing. Designer's images can be superimposed onto Levi’s products by the use of AI. “We now have van Gogh’s Starry Night trucker jacket,” said Walsh. “We haven’t made them yet, we have the designs, but we plan to manufacture those and that’s an example of smart creation powered by AI.”


Walsh added that she finds this particularly exciting because it could make the industry more sustainable and less wasteful. “You manufacture what you know consumers want, will buy and wear and they have already about bought it, so there’s no waste any more.”

Source: siliconrepublic