Fast Retailing, the parent company of UNIQLO, a Japanese fast-fashion giant, announced that it has signed the Microfibre 2030 Commitment. The new international initiative is to minimize the impact of textile microfibers on the natural environment.

Microfibre 2030 Commitment was proposed by The Microfibre Consortium (TMC), a non-profit, international cross-industry group working to address the problem of fiber fragmentation from clothing textiles, promote the production process verified by scientific research, and develop practical environmental solutions for manufacturers, retailers and suppliers.



Microfibre 2030 Commitment is designed to eliminate the impact of microfibers on the environment. By 2030, 250 companies will sign the commitment. Companies signing the commitment will test their products and manufacturing process and provide data to establish an industry-wide database and evaluation system. The objective is that 80% of member enterprises will adopt TMC standards in their products and manufacturing processes, so that the release of microfibers into the environment is appropriately managed.


Fast Retailing will conduct prescribed fabric testing annually through 2023 and provide the data to TMC. This will be combined with data from member companies in a database, and used to develop tools and resources for the entire industry to achieve the Commitment. Meanwhile, Fast Retailing will utilize this data and knowledge to implement specific measures, limit microfibers from its products and manufacturing processes and gradually expand the best practices to the industry as a whole, thus contributing to the Commitment.


Fast Retailing considers the environmental impact of microfibers to be a priority issue. The company said that in the future, it will continue to cooperate with the industry and enhance measures to minimize the release of microfibers into the natural environment throughout the product lifecycle.


Fast Retailing joined TMC as an Associate Member for the first time in September 2019.


Source: Textile Fabric Platform