Ganga Acrowools Launches Soft n Strong Yarns with Pilbloc™

Ganga Acrowools Limited has launched its Soft n Strong yarn range for knitters and crotchetiers, made with Pilbloc™ fibre. The range is launched under Ganga’s Knitting® Happiness theme. Pilbloc™ is the flagship anti-pilling fibre brand of Thai Acrylic Fibre Co. (TAF), Aditya Birla Group, that has excellent pilling resistance and super soft hand-feel. Soft n Strong yarns are available in a wide range of classic shades.

Ganga Acrowools Limited is a leading manufacturer of worsted acrylic and blended yarns and is one of the leading exporters of hand knitting yarns in India. “We are pleased to launch Soft n Strong hand knitting and crocheting made with Pilbloc™ into one of our ranges. Our revolutionary antipilling yarn allows knitters and crotchetiers to create fun homemade yarn projects without any pilling frustration and we are excited to be part of their satisfactory experiences. We are constantly looking for the newest and latest innovations to meet our customers’ needs and enhance their daily activities”, says Dr. Ravinder Verma, Managing Director, Ganga Acrowools Limited.

“More people are becoming active knitters/crotchetiers, and the trend is rapidly growing with a large number of people trying their hands on knitting/crocheting homemade crafts – we are happy to see Pilbloc™ being developed into Soft N Strong yarn range. We are confident that this range will also be introduced to first-time knitters and crochetiers to explore their creativities and have great experiences with their crafty homemade projects”, says Mr. Thomas Varghese, Business Head, Textiles Business, Aditya Birla Group.

Pilbloc™, one of TAF’s specialty products, is an anti-pilling fibre with engineering process, which is formulated to resist pilling over time, resulting in decelerating the ageing process of the apparel. It is also similar in comfort to natural fibres with unique hand-feel. It can also easily be blended with other fibres and have the pill performance enhanced.


Source: Textile Focus