Envisioning Textile Intelligence For Sustainable Futures

Innovative technologies are numerous as countless stars. Exploring the latest textile and fashion technologies and applications, Textech Galaxy endeavors to ignite new trends and lead revolutionary changes in the fashion and textile industry via connecting international leaders, brands, executives, scholars, entrepreneurs, designers, and enthusiasts towards textech innovations.


To become a forerunner who leads textile and fashion innovation


Envisioning Textile Intelligence For Sustainable Futures


Latest Textile and Fashion Innovation Trends

Textech Galaxy inspires future innovations via capturing the latest trends on many kinds of new technology contributing to the textile and fashion sector, such as recycling materials, wearable technology, artificial intelligence, etc.

Cross-industry Events

Through a variety of online and offline events, Textech Galaxy brings in global names to speak about textile and fashion technology trends around the world, sparkling cross-border and innovative idea.

Building Communities

Textech Galaxy builds communities with like-minded leaders across industries. By creating a platform for idea exchange and talent connection, innovations are here to sparkle and develop.
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