Collaboration between Lululemon & Genomatica for a plant based on Nylon

Recently leading fashion brand Lululemon has collaborated with leading sustainability material manufacturer Genomatica to create a lower-impact, plant-based nylon. As per an Apparel Resources report, the initiative will help Lululemon replace conventional nylon which forms the largest volume of synthetic material used by the brand in its products as of now.

Genomatica uses biotechnology and fermentation to convert plant-based ingredients into widely used chemical building blocks, like those used to make nylon. These building blocks are converted into pellets and yarns, and the two companies will be working closely with Lululemon’s fabric supply chain to incorporate this material into future products.


Through this collaboration, both the companies seek to create positive change within the $22 billion global nylon market by building more sustainable supply chains. Calvin McDonald, CEO, Lululemon, opines, Genomatica’s bio-based innovations, along with its distinctive track record of successful commercial applications, will help the brand achieve its goal of making 100 per cent of its products with sustainable materials and end-of-use solutions by 2030.


Source: Textile Focus