Santoni working with Australian Wool Innovation, and a number of yarn and fiber specialists for new cycling garments

A collaboration between seamless knitting machine manufacturers Santoni, Australian Wool Innovation, and a number of yarn and fiber specialists resulted in two new cycling garment prototype collections that show the full potential of Merino wool used in technical seamless performance apparel.

Südwolle Group and Santoni have created two cycling clothing lines using Merino wool yarns. The materials used in both have advantages such as softness, breathability, moisture management, elasticity, and odor resistance. They are designed to improve the comfort, durability, and performance of today’s cyclists. Merino Wool’s eco-credentials ensure that it has a low environmental impact on the planet.


AWI has created a line of women’s riding clothing using the seamless knitting technique. The set includes a cycling bib, shirt, arm warmers, and socks, making it a complete, layered outfit for maximum riding performance. AWI collaborated with creative knitwear designer Studio Eva x Carola to create the collection. It is made of Hildago yarn from the Südwolle Group, which is composed of 83 percent Merino wool, 17 percent Nylon knit, and Nylon.


Eva x Carola Studio has created a line of cycling apparel and socks. The cycling jersey features a gradient yarn color application, a closed mesh body for air flow, and a varied density for breathability. The socks are made with Südwolle Group’s Wagin yarn, which is made of 100% Merino wool knitted at 17.5 microns and Nylon/Elastane core spun yarn.


Source: Textile Focus