Thai Acrylic Fibre Launches Fabricology Mobile App

Thai Acrylic Fibre Co., Ltd. (TAF) – one of the largest manufacturers of acrylic fibres and ranked among the top five acrylic fibre producers globally – has launched a new mobile app called “Fabricology”.

It is an educational cum technical service app developed with the purpose to increase the engagement and interaction with the customers during this Covid Pandemic Era.


This app is a one-stop platform that has been purposely created to respond to the needs of the customers and the new virtual world that we are living in.


The app allows users to learn more about acrylic fibre and acrylic fibre processing. “Technical service is one of our differentiated offerings which is valuable to our customers.


Fabricology application offers video courses of our technical teams explaining the best practices and challenges of various stages in spinning. It is also a place where users can share ideas and ask questions back and forth with our teams as we don’t want the pandemic to be a hindrance in this valuable interaction.”, says Thomas Varghese, Business Head – Textiles, Aditya Birla Group.


The users of Fabricology can take short online video courses: points and certificates will be received afterwards. They can also ask questions directly via the app. Moreover, they can have access to the information about TAF specialty fibres, Product Specifications, TAF Newsletters and TAF latest innovation news at their fingertips.


The app is released in English but will soon be released in all the languages where TAF’s customers are based in.


Fabricology is available for both Android and IOS at no cost.


Source: Kohan Textile Journal