YKK introduced a new digital showroom to improve consumer engagement

YKK, the world’s leading manufacturer of zippers and fastening systems, has introduced a new digital showroom to improve consumer engagement.

The online showroom is modeled after YKK’s brick-and-mortar shop in London, according to Apparel Resources. It has six levels, each of which is represented by a zipper in the showroom’s emblem. Fastening goods for high-function applications such as outdoor, backpacks, water protection, and luggage; fasteners for clothes in the categories of jeans, fashion, leather, and kidswear; and corporate information are available on all floors of the showroom. One of the levels is dedicated to things peculiar to each location, which will be added later. Customers can look at items in close-up images, videos, and catalogs, as well as meet with YKK staff online.


In the near future, the platform will be utilized to conduct webinars and other learning opportunities. The digital showroom will also serve as an incubator for innovation and creative design, according to the business.


Source: Textile Focus