Browzwear and Cotton Incorporated Collaborate to Produce Sustainable Fabrics for Designers as a Continued Commitment towards a More Sustainable Fashion Industry

Browzwear, a pioneer of 3D digital solutions for the fashion industry, and Cotton Incorporated, a not-for-profit company providing the resources and research needed to help companies develop and market superior, innovative, and profitable cotton products, are joining forces ahead of Earth Day to create an eco-conscious digital fabric collection.

The all-natural digital collection will consist of over 20 minimally processed cotton fabrics ready to use in VStitcher’s asset library. In addition, Cotton Incorporated’s CottonWorks™ platform will offer users an exclusive collection of over 100 downloadable, Browzwear-compatible, digital cotton fabric files for 3D garment development. By being able to easily access natural, minimally processed fabric alternatives within VStitcher, designers can create endless styles, while reducing textile waste throughout the process and ultimately market a more eco-conscious product. 

Utilizing sustainable solutions from responsible farming practices to minimal processing in manufacturing to Browzwear’s VStitcher 3D design program, cotton can go from fiber to product in a way designers and consumers can feel good about. In textile manufacturing, in particular, there are several technologies such as laser etching, cationic cotton dyeing, and enzymatic scouring that can help product developers and manufacturers reduce water, energy, and chemicals during textile processing. Using 3D design programs like Browzwear’s VStitcher for garment prototyping continues the quest toward sustainability throughout the entire product development process by reducing sample waste and lead time.

“Sustainability and innovation are at the forefront of everything we do at Browzwear, which is why we’re thrilled to launch this collection with Cotton Incorporated,” said Sharon Lim, CEO of Browzwear. “This collaboration is about transforming the product development process towards sustainability, and ensuring that we provide more ecological digital options for designers, at every stage between concept and design. The demand for retailers and brands to lower their carbon footprint and conduct greener and more sustainable practices is growing amongst consumers, and we’re proud to be a part of this initiative that will enable this change.”

Cotton Incorporated’s efforts are focused across every area of the cotton life cycle from fiber through finished product. With a staunch commitment to environmental sustainability and the circularity of cotton, Cotton Incorporated advances the use of cotton in textile products by doubling down on innovation. “Innovation is at the heart of what we do with cotton,” says Mark Messura, Senior Vice President of Global Supply Chain Marketing, Cotton Incorporated. “It starts at the farm level where cotton is responsibly produced and continues in our work supporting design and manufacturing.”

“Designers have easy and free access to an amazing array of cotton fabric files. Combining these digital fabrics and cotton trend insights, designers are on a fast path to innovate and create,” says Katherine Absher, manager of Fashion and Digital Design Marketing, Cotton Incorporated. 


Source: Textile Focus