Eurojersey chooses LAIP for the development of the Dyeing project

The Jet 250 HT, guarantees a uniform dyeing process that makes fabrics without defects and without any machine downtime

In the dyeing process, we often find ourselves faced with the problem of how to dye fabrics that due to their composition and structure are very sensitive to creases and wrinkles, the risk is to obtain abrasions and crow’s feet effect, causing a downgrading of the product.


The dyeing machine Jet 250 HT produced by the Italian company LAIP, avoids all this and without any machine downtime, thanks to the numerous measures that have been put in place since the mechanical design and scrupulously performed in the company during production.


First, the horizontal design of the machine with a minimum distance between the containment chamber and the nozzle determines a minimum tension on the fabric that is not subjected to stretching.


In addition, the construction and design of the reel, completely in stainless steel, ensures that the fabric is always well immersed in the dyeing bath avoiding abrasions.


But that’s not all, the exit of the launch tube has an elliptical shape, which allows the fabric to expand and be transported to the containment chamber without any difficulty.


No creases during the dyeing process and the certainty of perfect results even on strong colours and difficult tones, such as turquoise, thanks to four tube diameter variations that allow the fabric to reach high speeds and thus achieve homogeneous dyes with any colours.


Certainty of the result with a machine that is simple to operate and can be easily loaded from above and that does not require specialized personnel.


There is a single front suction that guarantees extreme ease of control and adjustment of the machine.

Once the right water level is set, the pump and reel speed settings are performed to obtain the desired fabric turn without any type of external mechanical intervention.


Even the ordinary maintenance of the machine is simple and easily carried out by internal technicians without the need for external assistance thus optimizing the organization of time and cost of resources.


The Jet 250 HT, guarantees a uniform dyeing process that makes fabrics without defects and without any machine downtime, the product that comes out of the machine is dyed perfectly eliminating the risk of defects, complaints and product downgrading.


These results combined with more sustainable performance led the best textile companies to choose the Jet 250 HT. Among all, Eurojersey Spa, the leader in the production of fabrics for activewear, streetwear, swimwear chose Laip technology for the development of the dyeing project by introducing a series of Jet 250 HT machines into its production process.


Source: Kohan Textile