Automation and Robotics are Blessings in Apparel Industry

The use of technology began to increase and due to the ever-new demands in today’s modern age.
Gradually the use of technology began to increase and due to the ever-new demands in today’s modern age, various researchers and entrepreneurs have started researching and focusing on several advanced modern equipment and technological aspects thinking for product quality improvement and higher production and maintain better quality. Currently two such topics are automation and robotics. Automation and robotics are most commonly used in the apparel industry. The survival of a garment industry in the global market depends on the advanced technology, automation equipment and skills, which are used in the design, production process and supply of the industry, ranging from designing to manufacturing.  There is no doubt that automation can increase production efficiency, reduce the number of faults and reduce the overall cost of production. 

What is Automation and Robotics?

Automation is a special mechanization process, where it is possible to increase production easily, in less time and with high efficiency through the use of automated equipment, machine equipment and modern technology. Automation means reducing the workload of the employees in different sections of the factory by coordinating with several machines with the help of automatic control panel. As a result, more textile products are being produced in less time with less labor. So, in simple words, automation is the process of mechanization or doing things automatically. On the other hand, the branch of technology that discusses the design, construction and application of robots is called robotics. The robot is a man-made automated system that works exactly the way humans are told to. Robots are starting to be used in the swing section in the apparel industry.

Application of Automation & Robotics in Apparel Industry

There is a widespread use of automation and robotics in the production of garments including Fabric Inspection, CAD & CAM, Grading, Pattern Making, Fabric Spreading and Cutting, Sewing, Pressing, Material Handling an Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).

In today’s world, robotics and automation are widely used in the garment industry. Significant productive robotics is already being developed in the apparel industry. But there is no scope for much study on the application of robotics and automation in garment production. As a result, the applications of robots in the garment industry have not changed much except for conventional handling, assembly, welding, cutting, etc. Therefore, our garment manufacturers need to invest in further research into the application of robotics in this industry and take some necessary steps.

Source: Textile Focus