Oster India Launches Warmos EverNu Collection

Oster India Private Limited has just announced the launch of its new range of sweaters/knitwear, certified as Warmos EverNu, for this upcoming winter season. This is a part of Warmos certification program launched by Thai Acrylic Fibre Co. Ltd. (TAF), part of Aditya Birla Group, and provides assurance to the consumers about the thermal comfort of the garments to be worn in winters. In addition to thermal comfort, Warmos EverNu assures better pilling resistance and newer and fresher look of the garments even after repeated washes.

Ludhiana-based Oster India Private Limited is an integrated textile manufacturer in India specializing in spinning, knitting, weaving to dyeing, printing and cutting stitching packaging. “With the colder weather upon us, we are excited to be launching Warmos EverNu, sweaters/knitwear collection. Warmos certification is based on “Science of Warmth” and assures our customers that the garments will provide excellent comfort to them and their and loved ones. Not only do we have been keeping up with the fashion trends to provide both trendy styles with a range of classic colours and versatility, but we also provide affordability and quality in its entire product range that are aligned with our vision,” says Mr. Gurdit Singh, Managing Director, Oster India Private Limited.


“We are proud to launch the Warmos certified sweater ranges with Oster India, who are one of the most respected brands of sweaters in the country. With Warmos certification in the form of Warmos hangtags, the consumers can be assured that the garments will provide enough warmth that is required to protect them from cold weather. We test the fabrics for their thermal insulation before giving the Warmos certificate and Oster’s fabrics not only pass the insulation test but also show excellent pilling resistance.” says Thomas Varghese, Business Head – Textiles, Aditya Birla Group.


This range is made from a special conjugate bi-component fibre from TAF which has a coiled-crimped structure that provides excellent bulk, resilience, comfort and soft feel of wool; it is an ideal fibre for winterwear.


Warmos EverNu will be available in retail markets in a wide range of classic colours and many trendy designs.


Source: Textile Focus