Polartec and Browzwear launch first true-to-life 3d performance fabrics

The cornerstone of Polartec is innovation, adaptation, and always looking into the future to find solutions that work better. The new partnership will allow designers using Browzwear to preview and design with Polartec fabric technologies in a digital way that will provide advanced information and allow the user to accurately visualize the fabric’s texture, drape, and movement in true-to-life 3D.

In addition to the high-degree of accuracy that eliminates the need for garment samples, Browzwear’s true-to-life 3D renderings can be leveraged in the sales process, enabling data-driven manufacturing and reducing overproduction. As the world increasingly shifts to digital, Polartec looks to empower its customers, ensuring they have the tools necessary to continue to efficiently design in the modern era.

A leader in the digital apparel revolution, Browzwear’s pioneering 3D solutions for apparel design, development and merchandising are the key to a successful digital product lifecycle. Trusted by more than 650 organizations, such as Polartec customers Patagonia, Nike, Adidas, Burton and VF Corporation, Browzwear accelerates collection development, opening limitless opportunities to create iterations of styles.

The first rollout will feature fourteen different Polartec fabrics in unique color palettes ranging from next-to-skin technologies Polartec Delta, Polartec Power Wool, and Polartec Power Grid, to insulation technologies such as Polartec 200 series fleece, Polartec Alpha, Polartec High Loft, Polartec Thermal Pro, and Polartec Power Air. Polartec NeoShell rounds out the collection with weather protection. These U3M files of Polartec fabric technologies will be available to download on Polartec.com for use on other digital design platforms as well.

“Empowering people with our performance fabrics has long been a driving focus of Polartec,” said David Karstad, Polartec VP of Marketing and Creative Director. “Browzwear not only improves the efficiency and sustainability of using Polartec fabrics, 3D platforms enable designers to realize the potential of their creativity and fuel our industry.”

“We are elated to partner with Polartec, a company that shares our commitment to driving innovation for a more sustainable industry,” said Sean Lane, VP of Partnerships and Solutions, Browzwear. “We look forward to working together to catalyze large-scale, positive change to reduce inefficiencies that impact businesses and the environment.”


Source: Textile Focus